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Verdant hills reflect her colors bright,   glorious green and gold and white.
Verdant hills reflect her colors bright, glorious green and gold and white.
 Hello Friends!   We're starting updates to get the next reunion in gear because its going to be a BIG ONE!   We'd like as much help as possible so please let me know if you are interested in helping!   This time will will be starting much sooner to set a date, time, and agenda for a wonderful time!   Phyllis and Rochelle did a great job with our last reunion, and we're looking forward to the next one!

Please go to the Retain the Leigh Website if you can donate any $$ to keeping this website up and running.  And  THANK YOU!! FOR ANYTHING YOU CAN DO!


1/23/2013   Mattie Bucalo Lane

12/2012:   Holiday Greetings from Phyllis and Rochelle!  We want to take this opportunity to thank all of you, that were able to come to the reunion activities in October.  Everyone had a great time. It was also a time of  getting re-aquainted and visiting with one another. We have contact information for those that attended. If you would like to add or update your contact iformation to  this site, it will be easier to notify you about future activies. We had fun putting this reunion together and look forward to the 50th. 

Please use this site for our Class of 1967 Virtual and Physical Reunion! We want to encourage everyone to feel free to contact people through this site. Feel free to post comments on this site and get the momentum going again!

Pics from Reunions  in Web Links:
10/14/13  2013 Reunion pics by Mattie
10/31/07  2007 Reunion
0/31/07  2007 Reunion pics by George

10/19/07  2007 Reunion pics by Tim

Pics in My Event Reunion Album          
10/19/07 - Reunion by Jim "JT" Townsend
10/18/07 - Reunion by Tim Koprowski
10/17/07 - Reunion by Dale Hardester
10/15/07 - Reunion Kim Goozee Daly
10/14/07 - Reunion Donna Ingoglia Micele
10/14/07 - Reunion by Renate Reich

We are getting more excitied by the minute to see each person registered on this site from our class!    Check out who we've heard from!  Do we have your information?  

Whether or not you were able to physically attend the reunion, you can be part of it by registering at this site.  Help us communicate with each other without fees and restrictions. Our initial contact with many of you may be through Classmates.com, or through the Leigh Alumni website, however, we need updated addresses, phones, and email addresses for everyone in our graduating class, and those websites just don't provide that information.

Best to You!

Leigh High Class of 1967 Reunion Committee



1   72 41 12 1
2   71 40 11 2
3 70 39 10 3
4 69 38 9 4
68 37 8 5
6 67 36 7 6
7 66 35 6 7
8 65 34 5 8
9 64 33 4 9
10 63 32 3 10
11 62 31 2 11
12 61 30 1 12
13 60 29   13
14 59 20   14
15 58 28   15
16 88 57 27   16
17 87 56 26   17
18 86 55 25   18
19 85 54 24   19
20 84 53 23   20
21 83 52 22   21
22 82 51 21   22
23 81 50 20   23
24 80 49 19   24
25 79 48 18   25
26 78 47 17   26
27 77 46 16   27
28 76 45 15   28
29 75 44 14   29

The purpose of this web site is to help us communicate with each other without fees and restrictions.  Our initial contact with many of you may be through Classmates.com, however, we need updated addresses, phones, and email addresses for everyone whether or not you physically attend the reunion. 


New Ideas!
If you can't attend the reunion, but would still like to be a part of it, consider being a SPONSOR.  There are a number of things we can use


q     Postage

q     1960s Memorabilia

q     Leigh High Memorabilia

q     Items from the Leigh Booster Club

q     Gift Bags

§      Pens,

§      keychains,

§      buttons with Leigh Class Reunion 40 years

§      Tip cards/calendars

§      Reading glasses (from the 99cent Store)

§      Bookmarks

§      Candles

§      Bath salts

§      Tea’s

§      Mugs

q     Mechanical Bull

q     Gift Candies (donated by Billie “Wonka” Hartley)

q     Other items of surprise.



Advertise your business on our website.  Send your business card with your donation  and we will place your info on our site.  Let other classmates know about your business!


Hello Friends,
Here we are again, in another year, another time, another reunion has passed.   Our 50th was an awesome event with a number of our classmates attending for the first time!  It was gratifying to see so many there that we have not see for many years.
On the following pages you will find links to pictures taken over the years as well as pictures to this recent reunion.   If you have not updated your profile with a working email address - please do so  in order for us to stay in touch with you.  If you have any questions, feel free to contact any of the planning committee:  Names, phone and emails are listed below.  Also feel free to use our classof1967@gmail.com email address.
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